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Can Conflict Lead to Intimacy?

Young couple resting in each others arms Contact Us Now! Intimacy Needs Safety

If conflict is not handled safely in a relationship, you may feel like you can’t open up and share what you really think, because it’s just too risky.

You may feel defensive, closed, and on your guard around each other. And as a result, misunderstandings multiply and your conflicts get worse, not better.

Arguing is a Symptom

When this happens it’s easy to blame the symptoms – the arguments about differences that naturally occur in any relationship – instead of the cause – a lack of safe communication.

Imago Provides Safety

Imago Therapy teaches you how to better communicate during conflicts, so that your disagreements actually become opportunities for greater intimacy, as you learn about each other.

When the two of you can truly open up and share how you feel without feeling afraid, you feel heard and understood, the fun of exploring your relationship returns, and your conflicts are much easier to resolve.

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Getting The Love You Want

Young couple embracing each other Contact Us Now! Getting The Love You Want™ is a workshop for couples based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name by Dr. Harville Hendrix.

Tens of thousands of couples worldwide have experienced this weekend workshop, at which you will learn how to:

  • Develop effective new communication skills using the “Imago Dialogue”
  • Resolve longstanding conflicts with compassion and ease
  • Recreate the passion, attraction, and intimacy that first brought you together
  • Discover a path to emotional healing and spiritual evolution through your relationship
  • Experience a deep level of empathy and connection with your partner

This workshop is designed to help couples in all phases of relationship find their potential for growth, healing and joy.

Space is limited, so contact us to sign up today!

Getting The Love You Want


Better Halves Workshop

Better Halves™ Logo Contact Us Now! Cost:  $170 per couple The Better Halves™ Workshop provides unique strategies to help committed couples understand the different ways we interact with money – practically, emotionally, and spiritually – and how that affects our relationship.

Designed to be fun and informal, couples will:

  • Discover that money is more emotional than practical
  • Learn fun techniques to communicate more effectively around money
  • Take action on a financial friction point
  • Build momentum by designing a financial experiment
  • Enhance their relationship

Space is limited, so sign up today!

Better Halves Workshop


Recommended Books for Couples

Books for Couples

Meet Morella Hammer

Meet Morella Hammer

Morella Hammer, MA, LMFT
Certified Imago Therapist

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