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Would You Like To Be A Better Parent?

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Using parenting and communication techniques drawn from Imago Therapy and elsewhere, we can help you become a more ‘conscious’ parent.

We can help you become more aware of your interactions with your child and the impact you‘re having, so that your parenting truly nurtures your child and doesn’t accidentally wound them.

Gain A New Perspective

We can help you to ‘tune in’ to your child, to better understand them, and to see their bad behavior for what it so often is: a cry for help, a cry for attention, affection, or acceptance.

New Parenting Strategies

We can show you how to build your child’s confidence by respecting their unique identity.

We can demonstrate for you how to discipline in a way that preserves your relationship instead of rupturing it.

And we can teach you how to best communicate what you want from them and why, so that you secure their heartfelt cooperation instead having to demand their obedience by rote.

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Connected Parents, Thriving Kids Workshop

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids™ Logo Contact Us Now! Cost:  $250 per family Give the Love that Heals

This 8-week course in Imago Parenting will teach you how to be a more effective and responsive parent, in-tune with what your child needs from you. Based on the best-seller, “Giving the Love that Heals” by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, this course incorporates Imago Relationship Theory with insights from the latest research into neuroscience and child development.

Better Understand Your Child

From the moment they were born, your child’s mind has been forming in a way which will strongly influence their whole life. What they experience in their relationships now is critical. We can help you make the best choices by understanding the stages of their emotional development and recognizing how to respond with the love that will enable them to reach their full potential.

Imago provides a practical way to understand what your child is trying to say to you through their behavior. We teach you how to listen to their underlying messages, which will leave your child feeling good about being heard.

Tune in to Respond Better

As you become more tuned-in to your child’s underlying experience, you will be able to respond to your child in a way which they can easily understand and respect.

Part of the art of listening to our children is to be aware that much of our own emotional reaction is rooted in our own childhood and life experiences. This awareness will enable you to be even better at tuning-in to your child. Experiences that might have been frustrating before can now become opportunities for connection. And by reducing flare-ups and emotional outbursts, relationships become more fun, and you will have more opportunity to simply enjoy being with your child.

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Connected Parents, Thriving Kids


Recommended Books for Parents

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Meet Morella Hammer

Meet Morella Hammer

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