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Pasadena Family Therapy is committed to caring for your physical health as well as your emotional health.

Therefore, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now conducting all sessions via Zoom Videoconferencing for your safety.

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All Our Forms, Right Here

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For your convenience the Pasadena Family Therapy forms that follow are 'fillable', meaning they are designed to be filled in via computer, tablet or smartphone and then saved and/or printed.

Form Instructions

To fill in a form:

  • Click on the Form to Open It
  • Click on a Field to Fill It In
  • Type in Your Information
  • Click on Another Field & Fill It In, etc.
  • Finally, Save or Print Your Form

Note that if you are not comfortable using a computer to fill in the forms you may simply print them and then fill them in by hand.

Protect Your Privacy

For your own privacy please DO NOT send your completed form via email. Please print your completed form and either mail it or bring it with you to your sessions.

Also, if you are on a shared computer, make sure you delete any copy of the form you saved to keep others from accessing your private health information.

Questions? Comments?

If you have questions or comments regarding how to fill in a form or field, please feel free to call or email us for help!

Administrative Forms

For your convenience our forms are available both here online and in paper form at our offices.  However, for faster service please fill out and print these forms prior to your first session and bring them with you:

Optional Forms

When directed by your therapist please fill out and print the requested forms below and bring them with you to your session:


When directed by your therapist please fill out and print the requested questionnaire below and bring it with you to your session:

Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding how to fill in a particular form or field, please do not hesitate to call or email us for help!


Meet Morella Hammer

Meet Morella Hammer

Morella Hammer, MA, LMFT
Certified Imago Therapist

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Pasadena Family Therapy is proud to provide psychotherapy and mental health services such as psychological counseling, consultation, and assessment services both online and at our Pasadena office:

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